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Supplement your efforts to
eat healthier with a multivitamin

The average South African diet leaves many people overfed and undernourished where our diets do not provide enough bioavailable nutrients to meet our body’s needs, leading to macronutrient malnutrition. 1-3

A multivitamin is a great way to fill the nutritional gap. 4

Overfed and undernourished

of South Africans don’t eat enough fruit & veggies 4

of SA women are iron deficient 5

Up to 80 %
of SA adults are malnourished 6


The average South African diet contains too much sugar and refined carbs – which are mostly high-calorie but low nutrient foods. 2,4


Many South Africans don’t eat healthy, even though they know they should. 4,7


Decline in soil quality and food processing techniques make supplementation necessary because our diets just don’t provide what we need. 2,3

Healthy eaters:

You are on the right track, but stress, environmental factors and the lack of nutrients in our food, make it necessary, even for healthy eaters, to take a daily multivitamin. 2,3

Your life demands DS good health!

Whole body benefits of the DS range:

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Your life demands DS good health!

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